Monday, November 12, 2007

Work-related: beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We sold our first points on November 5; since then, they're not exactly flying out the door, but they're beginning to mosey, at least. Which I take it is how it's supposed to be. We've hit full color on a few varieties, and all of them are showing color of some kind or another. It turns out that the angle I chose for pictures isn't ideal for demonstrating this: all the most impressive flowers are at the opposite end of the greenhouse, way in the back of this picture, and just show up as kind of a red scum on the sea of green, but oh well.

Going into work this morning (12 Nov), I'm expecting my day to revolve almost entirely around rearranging the points. The boss says they're still too crowded (which she's been saying since they got here: it may well be true, but I'm a little unclear on what I'm supposed to do about it. I can't create more tables, and I can't make the plants smaller1, so I somehow have to make there be fewer plants, I guess, and move some of them into the already somewhat crowded main greenhouse. This promises to be a good time.


1(Well, I could, but nobody would like what I'd have to do to them to make that happen.)

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Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Christmas time is here for plant people. I spent the morning watering and pruning, and now I'm off to decorate topiaries and make ribbon bows. We start installations on Friday! Mr. S, points are a pain, but I am glad that they don't come with strings of tiny, breakable lights all over them!