Monday, December 31, 2007

Random plant event: Dischidia nummularia flower

This plant was an oddball: both the only one of its kind that we had, and a plant I'd never heard of before. I got this picture of a flower a few days before the plant sold, but the lucky part is that because of the flower, the plant got my attention and I took a few cuttings before it sold. So far the cuttings seem to be doing okay, knock wood.

It's not that the flower is anything amazing or special. I actually walked right by it any number of times, I'm sure, before I saw it, and it didn't have any charming scent or anything either. But hey.


Hermes said...

A fascinating plant, several of this genus have a symbiotic relationship with Ants. has an entry on your species which seems to be pretty rare in cultivation.

mr_subjunctive said...

Huh. I had no idea. We had it over by the succulents, so I assumed it was just another trailing succulent like Sedum morganianum or whatever. If I'd known it was that weird, I might have bought it myself. I guess there are still the cuttings. Thanks for pointing this out, hermes.