Thursday, February 14, 2008

Random plant event: Codiaeum variegatum flowers

I had intended a plant profile to go up today, not because it was Valentine's-appropriate but just because one was due, but I'm having some trouble with finding enough information and having time to write it down. Among other things, I'm working five days per week now, instead of the four it's been since beginning the blog, and my own personal plants are beginning to need more care now that they realize spring is starting. So . . . sorry. From here until about May, at least, the profiles are going to be less frequent, and I may occasionally have to skip a day's post for one reason or another. It's possible that the slow-down will continue until September or October.

But anyway. I noticed this a few days ago. One of the Codiaeum variegatums in the greenhouse had flowered sometime within the first couple months after I started work, and I missed the whole thing, only noticing after it was all over. I wasn't expecting to see it happen again for another four months at least, if ever, but apparently they're not as seasonal or shy as I thought. This hasn't even really started to open yet, but I'll be watching. Sooner or later it will have to.

The really funny part of this is, the crotons have been hating life this last few months. I mean, they're starting to pull out of it, but some of them never get dry, some of them never get wet, all of them are too cold most of the time, there's been an intermittent spider mite problem, and I've been picking up dead leaves for months now. So this could be an act of desperation, one of those I have to reproduce before I die kind of things. I suppose we'll see.

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