Friday, February 15, 2008

Random plant event: Philodendron gloriosum for Valentines Day

Extremely slow computer today, plus I'm having issues with my on-line connection and/or Blogger, so I'm sorry for the brevity, but.

The husband got me this for Valentines Day, because I'd commented on it before when we've seen it in the supermarket previously. I don't exactly know how to take care of it (part of why I hadn't bought it for myself already), but when I did a search for it yesterday evening I didn't come up with anything that sounded too scary. Let me know, if you have experience with this, but in the meantime I'm going to assume it's more or less just like any other vining-type Philodendron and treat it accordingly.

I also don't know why our grocery store can get these but we can't get them where I work; it's not the only plant like that (Ardisia elliptica is another that they can get but we can't), but it seems odd that this, the only plant of its kind I've ever seen in my life, would just be hanging out in the grocery store, and more incredible still, that it would be there without getting sold for a month or better without anybody buying it.

So it was a nice surprise.

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