Friday, February 1, 2008

Random plant event: Monadenium stapelioides Euphorbia drupifera flowers

The ID here is tentative: I think Monadenium is right but have no idea how to go about determining a species. (Please share if you think you know: I'm certainly open to ideas.) Also I don't remember what website made me think it might be stapelioides, and I have a nasty sinus headache at the moment which makes me kind of unmotivated to try to track it down.

The flowers aren't especially decorative, or sticky, or scented, or anything like that. They, like the plant as a whole, are more odd than decorative. But hey.

Clicking on a picture will get you a bigger version, if you're interested in details.

(Correct ID happened because I unknowingly ordered a new one, and recognized it when it arrived on the 17 Aug 2008 shipment of tropical plants at work. The one pictured in this post has lived with me at home since 1 Aug 2008.)

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