Monday, February 18, 2008

Unfinished business re: Dionaea muscipula

So, in the profile for Dionaea muscipula (Venus-flytrap), I said I wanted to keep our stock of plants going until they all sold, rather than having to pitch half of them out like has (I'm told) usually been the case. And then they budded, and then I was hoping that they wouldn't all sell, so I could see what the flowers looked like.

Sadly, but happily, they all sold, so instead of buying 15 and throwing 9 away, we bought 15 and sold 15. I think. Maybe only 14. But still -- a better track record than has previously been the case. And it's not as though I'll never have a chance to see the flowers again. But so that you don't all feel cheated, and because I feel bad for irresponsibly promising flowers and then not delivering them, I have tracked down a legal image for you anyway:

Photo: Kristian Peters at the Wikipedia entry for Venus flytrap

Kind of an anticlimax, really, I think, but not uninteresting.

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