Saturday, March 29, 2008


Nothing about this ad is true. We are not encouraged to throw the plants through the air. We don't have any hoses that are capable of delivering such precise bursts of water. Also our aim is not that good. Traffic flow is rarely, if ever, that smooth. Flowers don't grow that fast. Flowers don't wilt that fast. Paying by check card is not faster than paying by check (and cash, contrary to some of the other ads in this series, is considerably faster than either).

That last point, that cash is faster, and checks are at least not slower, bugs me every single time one of these ads comes on. Speaking as a cashier of some experience, what mostly slows down lines are the customers who are completely oblivious to the idea that they're going to have to pay until they hear a total. Have whatever you're paying with ready to go while the stuff is getting rung up. Start filling out the check, start swiping the credit card, start counting out the approximate amount of cash. Don't force the cashier to ask for a method of payment. It makes them crazy.


gidget said...

You are too funny. Just stumbled across this today - I enjoy your sense of humor. :)

Sheila said...

It's a stupid ad, but it nonetheless made me smile.