Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random plant event: Tagetes patula 'Little Devil Fire' flowers

Things happen so fast this time of year. It didn't seem like I was out sick for all that long, but I come back yesterday and there's all kinds of new stuff going on. These flats of marigolds were all green when I left them Monday, and now almost every single one has a flower on it.

People are funny about marigolds. I've already had one co-worker give me a little rant about how much she hates them (apparently mostly because of the smell, and because they're so common, both of which I can understand). I don't have any strong feelings either way, so far, but that will probably change. I kind of like the foliage, though.


Esther Montgomery said...


I was thinking 'Tagetes' is a particular plant - not another name for 'Marigold'.

There are marigolds that I like enormously. And marigolds which I think are boring. And marigolds which I find so irritating I don't like even to be near them.

I like marigolds with big, bold, glaringly bright, multi-petalled heads.

Can't stand the fiddly little varieties.

What I thought was 'Tagetes' is an in-between-version.

Now I realise I don't know what I was talking about.

As I said - bother!


mr_subjunctive said...

I may not know what I'm talking about, either: marigolds are kind of new territory for me. I was going by the info at, which if I was reading it right said that Tagetes is the name for the French marigold, and then there are other marigolds which fall under Calendula, which might be the ones you like. But I didn't make a very careful investigation of the matter, and has steered me wrong before.

Esther Montgomery said...

The big bold ones which I like come under 'Calendula'.

The 'French' or 'African' marigolds are the kind I dislike. (part of the tagetes group).

Glancing at what comes up if I Google 'Tagetes' - Wikipedia says it is a genus of 52 species in the Asteraceae or Compositae family.

I rarely buy plants - prefer to grow from seed - so I look at the picture on the packet and 'know which ones I want'!

Until I moved house, I'd use my own (calendula) seed - so I didn't need to know its name at all.

Re-starting is the problem now - because I can't find packets of the ones I want. All of a sudden 'the name' matters - so I can 'start again'.


Breanne said...

I love marigolds - both kinds, all kinds. I love how reliable they are - you can try something totally new in your garden, and accent it with marigolds, and you know that the marigolds are going to do well. They don't wilt, and get gross if it rains to much, they don't really care where they're planted. And, personally, I really like the strong smell of them when you break off a flower - it has very nostalgic memories of my childhood for me!
The common plant I hate: Petunias

Julie said...

Hope you are feeling much better today! I love marigolds because I planted (with my 4 year olds help...he is 27 now, and a big strong Army man)...them with him and he would go out and water them every day with a big giant watering can! The pictures were so sweet...and for this I LOVE yellow marigolds! I am just a big old sentimental Mom! This one you show sure is pretty with the red inside!

susan harris said...

Well, as marigolds go, I don't actually hate that one.

susan harris said...

Hey, did ya see this love post about indoor plants over on the Rant today?
See, ONE of us is big indoor plant nut! It's Eliz in Buffalo.

mr_subjunctive said...

Well, the group had been collectively forgiven already anyway -- except maybe that Amy -- but I appreciate you calling it to my attention. I saw the post title @ Blotanical but my train of thought didn't go much beyond, "'Conservatory.' That's a funny word." It's been kind of a rough week.

No Rain said...

I like the smell--and Marigolds keep away aphids!