Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pretty picture: Dianthus chinensis 'Floral Lace Crimson' flower

And back to work again, I guess. My head is a brick of snot, so I can't really hear anything, and I was up for a little while last night with a sore throat, so I'm tired, and I'm not the greatest at thinking coherently, but maybe I won't need to hear anything or stay conscious, and I was never the best at thinking coherently when it comes to work, so we can at least give it a try.

I'm not, overall, all that impressed with the Dianthus: they're fine, but they don't bowl me over with gorgeousness or anything. Nevertheless, this is one of my better recent photos, I think.


Julie said...

1 lonely dianthus (red) flower peeked up out of the frost/ice one morning (all the rest had died with the weather), and I knew it was a sign my husband loved me...and the rest was history...married now 19 years! Dianthus will always be my favorite flower!

singapore florist said...

nice shot. by seeing it everything around me feel fresh.