Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pretty picture: Hamatocactus setispinus orcuttii flowers

I don't actually get to see all that many cactus flowers at work, contrary to what you'd expect: plants sell when they're in bloom, and cactus especially so, so I usually don't get any farther than seeing that there's a bud.

I'm not positive on the ID here; that's what the tag that came with it said (though it spelled part of it wrong), and a quick perusal of Google images didn't obviously contradict that identification, but it's always questionable to me, whether the right tag is in the pot or not. Too many things can happen. (It's especially horrible with things like geraniums, where we have eighty gazillion varieties which, if not in bloom, all look exactly the same. One distracted helper, one day, and the oranges are mixed in with the reds for a whole spring and summer.)

I'm not really looking to add to the cactus collection, but the flower is very personable. I'd consider it.

EDITED TO ADD: Aiyana has a post up today with the same cactus (no, we didn't plan it that way), though she calls it Thelocactus setispinus instead of Hamatocactus setispinus. You say tomato, I say Lycopersicon esculentum. It's the same plant.


chey said...

What a beautiful little bloom:)!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous plants.

Port Orchard florist

Anonymous said...

Cacti have beautiful flowers. Unfortunate that they are so shortlived.