Monday, November 3, 2008

PATSP Crossword #1

There may not be a PATSP Crossword #2, but I thought I should plan for one anyway, just in case.

This is an actual, honest-to-God functioning crossword, solvable and everything. A number of the clues are kind of specific to PATSP, in that they refer to plant / "person" pairs or running jokes, so it helps if you're a regular reader.

For best results, open the puzzle as an image in its own window, and print it out. I have no idea how difficult this is really; I've never been a big doer of crosswords. (I tend to get frustrated too easily when I run into a block of stuff I can't figure out.) You, at least, have the advantage of being at a computer, where you can Google for a lot of this if you get stuck.

Feedback as to difficulty, comments about composition, etc. is heartily encouraged.

This puzzle was made with the demo version of Crossword Compiler, which takes the otherwise prohibitively annoying process of making a crossword puzzle and makes it only very extremely annoying.


1 Where there's a pimp, there's a ____
4 In the reimagined "Battlestar Galactica," he was President of the Twelve Colonies when the Cylon attack began
7 Evil, evil evil houseplant pest
11 Inflammation of the bone
14 Ficus religiosa common name
15 Homer Simpson exclamation
16 guatemalensis, filamentosa, recurvifolia, filifera, etc.
17 Writer of essays
19 Pier
20 Noon to midnight
21 Common name of Cordyline fruticosa
24 Milliliter (abbrev.)
26 Some Aglaonemas come from this Southeast Asian country
28 Popular genus of succulents
30 Hebrew name for girls; means "God is good."
32 Evil genius plant genus
35 This insurance company's executives went on a $444,000 retreat in California following its bailout by U.S. taxpayers
37 Spanish second-person pronoun
39 Gay slang: younger effeminate guy, or younger masculine woman
40 One of two elements involved in table salt (chemical symbol) (see 23 down)
41 English, Algerian, devil's, Swedish, grape, oakleaf, etc.
43 What one finds in the Everglades
47 Ted Lange's bartender, on "The Love Boat"
49 ______ cap mushrooms turn black and disintegrate when older
51 Erigeron spp. common name: flea_____
53 What Saddam Hussein and Sherlock Holmes have in common
54 Agriculture (abbrev.)
55 Stephanie Vanderkellen exclamation
56 Spielberg science-fiction film
57 If more plants came with these, there would be fewer NOIDs
60 Neoregelia '_________'
64 To leave out some sounds
66 Drinking and driving charge
67 Extremely famous princess, died in 1997
68 Butterfly bush genus
70 Kathy Griffin's "My Life on the ________"
71 For _______ With Love and Squalor
72 Associated Press

1 Romance novel heroine plant genus
2 Ohio State University
3 Landlord plant genus
4 Where my homies ___?
5 Sadistic plant genus
6 Don't make one of yourself
7 Alternate milk
8 Some blogs sell space for ______ on their pages, though few make any real money at it
9 Means, and is derived from, "lottery"
10 Mr_Subjunctive has been practicing adding this to the ends of his sentences, just in case the U.S. election goes badly
12 Twin Cities and Western Railroad (abbrev.)
13 The opposite of IANAL (internet slang)
14 Common name for Bambusa, Phyllostachys
18 Celebrity plant genus
22 The situation of having equal-sized gametes
23 The other of two elements involved in table salt (chemical symbol) (see 40 across)
26 Where movies come from
27 Take on them
28 False goats' beard genus
29 Oklahoma (postal abbrev.)
31 Variety of medicinal Aloe, or Vladimir Nabokov's wife
33 ________ Rinna, Taylor McBride on "Melrose Place" (a friend of mine used to call her "crazy lips")
34 http://www.blotanical.___/
36 ___ and out
38 Ultraviolet (abbrev.)
42 ____ and yang
44 Japanese horseradish
45 Love in a mist genus
46 Domain name (abbrev.)
48 Selenium (chemical symbol)
50 Singer lang
52 Website (Tagline: "The internet makes you stupid.")
54 Lying down at night (archaic?)
58 For example, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."
59 You _____ as you sow, in the garden. Except for the weeds.
61 Three, to a Roman
62 Eastern Daylight Time (abbrev.)
63 Pounds (abbrev.)
65 Day, in Spanish
66 Double density floppy disks are/were coded ____
69 Delaware (postal abbrev.)

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Leona Raisin said...

Don't know that I could create a crossword puzzle. An anagram perhaps. Now what was the name of that TV anagram site? I've forgotten, damn me.