Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pop quiz: replacing plants in trays

The following diagram represents a plastic tray, with potted plants located in the six positions containing a circle.

The question is:

You are a customer who has picked up a plant from this plastic tray. You have decided not to purchase the plant and wish to replace it in the tray, but you do not remember where it was when you picked it up. Answer the following questions about this scenario.

1. Into which position would you set the plant?
2. Into which position would most customers set the plant?
3. Where do you think the guy who works in the greenhouse would want you to set the plant?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

E. E

F. one of the spaces not marked by a letter.

G. any open space is equally acceptable.

H. A or E are equally preferable.

I. B or D are equally preferable.

Highlight the space below to read the answers:

1. whatever (no right or wrong answer). 2-C, 3-I.


Wicked Gardener said...

Wow - you are very into your work.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with on the floor? Or three benches away when I finally realise I'm carrying it and I don't want it. Be reasonable!!! ;-D

Water Roots said...

Surprisingly enough, I matched all your answers, which is a good thing?? But being cynical as I am, I think that customers would go beyond the options you’ve listed. For example, a space already occupied by another plant would sometimes be chosen. I’ve seen this happen. I’ve even seen plants placed on top of other plants at some greenhouses. And if a customer is feeling really ‘cooperative’, they will place it under the bench, in another area of the store (where there are no plants) or behind some counter or shelf (you’ll find the plant a month later; it’ll be dead and unrecognizable).

mr_subjunctive said...

Yeah, there are those who leave plants between flats, or on top of other plants. I don't think I've seen any plants that were really hidden, though. It amazes me a little bit that people don't notice that there's a pattern going on (or if they do notice, that they don't feel like they need to keep it going).