Saturday, January 17, 2009

So, "Battlestar Galactica:"

Saw the start of the new half-season last night, and, well, one of the commenters at the Television Without Pity forums said it best:

This episode made me so nostalgic for the happy carefree days when all the characters had to deal with was the near extinction of the human race.

That is all.


Benjamin Vogt said...

Yeah, that's sort of right, isn't it? It's become almost too real now. I don't need more drama in my life. I did not even completely buy the mass depression, the suicides, the leave me in my room so I can burn the only copy of this treasured holy book. You don't burn the one connection, the one metaphor of your existence, so easily. Argh. At least there's something to watch again on tv besides that game show where people try to fit through shapes in a wall coming at them fast before it pushes them into a pool with sexy lifeguards.

mr_subjunctive said...

What did you do the last time your species was nearly made extinct and the only habitable planet where you felt certain your enemies would never find you to hunt you down and kill you turned out to be a desolate radioactive wasteland just like the one you'd left a couple years prior while strugging to hold yourself together in the belief that the future might be better only to find out that in fact everything you'd ever believed in or hoped for was all completely for shit and you and your entire species was going to die in ways which are probably going to be very gory and horrible and which you are pretty much powerless to prevent unless you kill yourself?


I think the fleet collectively losing its shit sounds, if anything, a little subdued. (Apparently Ron Moore thinks so too: I read recently that he wanted mass suicides, instead of just the one, and SciFi wouldn't let him.)

mr_subjunctive said...

Oh, but --

The book-burning did bother me too. I was all like, "No! You have to save it so you can point to it later as what not to believe in!"

Benjamin Vogt said...

The last time this happened, and it will all happen again, regardless of what that little squirt Adama says, is, well, I ummm, I uhhhh, well I went to Dairy Queen and got like 4 blizzards then sat in my garden naked pouring them on myself.

I love BSG, but if it gets any darker I might go insane. I loved Babylon 5, but that got dark at times, but it was bubble gum in light of BSG. I really enjoyed Star Trek DS9, and though somewhat darker than B5, it also feels like lollipops and gum drops.

More suicides might make me feel better. I mean, if there was chaos on Gallactica, the res of the non military, less disciplined fleet should be going nutso fantistico.