Thursday, February 12, 2009

Music video: Cracker "Guarded by Monkeys"

This album (Forever) was a big favorite a few jobs ago. There were four of us on the overnight shift (8 PM to 7 AM, four days a week), and the radio drove me crazy (the radio ruined Janis Joplin's "Me & Bobby McGee" for me, through sheer repetition: none of the radio stations around here seem to have more than about twelve songs at any given time), so eventually what happened was that we would all bring in our CD collections, and then we'd pick one another's CDs and put them in the five-CD stereo and hit "random." If you were the DJ, you had to choose one CD from each person's collection, and then for the fifth slot, you had to use a CD that more than one person had in their collection. So everybody got at least something, and a couple people got at least two things. It was the fairest arrangement we were able to come up with.

Anyway. Forever was originally one of my CDs, and one of only a few that had such broad appeal that everybody, by the time I left, had asked me for a copy. This is not necessarily the best song on the album (my personal favorite was "Superfan," and "Miss Santa Cruz County" is good too), but I like it. So.

Other CDs that more than one of us liked back then, that I still like, that remind me to some degree of that time period:

Rubies on the Lawn, Trish Murphy
This is the Trip, Sister 7
Overdub, David Garza
Wishing Well, Monte Montgomery
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Flaming Lips
Bachelor No. 2, Aimee Mann
Almost Human, Voltaire (not everyone's cup of tea, but nevertheless highly recommended)
Fashion Nugget, Cake
Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park
I Bificus, Bif Naked
Up!, Shania Twain (I didn't say we had impeccable taste)
Did I Shave My Legs For This?, Deana Carter
Johnny Socko, Johnny Socko

★ = one of my all-time favorites, even still; highly recommended

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this! This really reminded me of Camper Van, and I'm glad to hear him go back that direction. I'll have to check this album out.