Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pretty picture: Saintpaulias with fused petals

I believe the technical term is bell; they're not quite fused enough to be a wasp. We haven't seen this type before a few months ago; they didn't appeal to me enough to buy them (for chrissakes, I have nineteen African violets already: enough is too much), but they were interesting all the same.

I would occasionally glance over that way and wonder for a split second what these were: the shape of the flowers was just different enough to make me question whether they were even Saintpaulias.

The below pictures are slightly Barbara-Waltersed, because they were taken on the same day and close to the same time. Sorry about that.


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

These are very intriguing! I haven't seen such saintpaulias before (and good on ya for using their botanical name--so many people give me the LOOK because I do call them that more often than AVs.

Darla said...

Heck, I never even thought about the botanical name of AV before! Those are very pretty, and I thought having 3 of them was too many.

Anonymous said...

never seen one of these with that type of petals before... very cool!

Anonymous said...

They're part of Optimara's Southern Belle series; AnnaBelle (purple) and IsaBelle (pink). I'm hoping they'll expand their color range eventually.

Of course, being Optimaras they're also rugged plants. The web site ( says they're medium sized standards (unlike EverFloris, which get GINORMOUS).



lisa said...

Ooooh cool! Now I want one! :)