Friday, February 20, 2009

Pretty pictures: Tulipa NOID

I've been experiencing technical difficulties with the computer, so no commentary. Fortunately, I don't think these pictures need a lot of commentary anyway.


Anonymous said...

What's the problem?

mr_subjunctive said...

The husband got us virus protection software (McAfee) a little over a year ago, and it was such that I could download it and use it on my computer too. Worked fine the first time, but when I went to re-download because it had been renewed, the computer just froze a lot and the program never quite seemed to install itself properly. Also I had an issue with another downloaded program (Xenu, which is supposed to check your website for dead links) basically taking over the computer for an extended period: it found dead links, but mostly it found timeouts, and I couldn't do anything else with my computer for several hours while it was searching.

In the end, I paid for Norton's antivirus software, which is what I used to have on this computer and which I always liked better than McAfee anyway, but by the time I did that, it was late in the day, and I didn't have time to write much of a blog post.