Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pretty pictures: Anthurium andraeanum (?) cvv.

Okay. I said I'd try to get some good pictures of the Anthuriums out of the box they arrived in (the pictures of them in box are here), and I sort of succeeded, in that these are pictures of the plants out of the box. They're not especially good pictures, still, but you should be able to get the general shape and color of things.



Not pictured: 'Florida,' which we've seen before anyway.



I wound up buying 'Pandola' twice: once as a couple smallish offsets, divided out of one of the two plants we got, and then a few days later, the large plant pictured above, because I decided that offsets were not going to be sufficient. I'm such a sucker for Anthuriums (and Yuccas, and Dracaenas, and Dieffenbachias, and Aglaonemas, and Euphorbias, and . . . ) it's not even funny.


blossom said...

The first Dakota looks crinkled and unusual. This makes it more lovable. I like Anthuriums, too and have been eyeing them for a while. I'm gonna get them soon.

Sunita said...

Are those blooms from just one plant per pot? It seems like a lot of blooms for that. I havent tried growing Dakota yet but Tropical grows beautifully for me. So does Can-Can

mr_subjunctive said...

Are those blooms from just one plant per pot?

I'm not quite sure how to answer that. They all have multiple growing tips, but I think all the growing tips are connected -- that they're clumps of offsets, instead of a clump of individual plants that were stuck together in the same pot. Though I'm not positive.

Paul said...

Personally I like the Dakota best.

Photo critique: That first shot -- I agree it could have been better. The focus was not quite as sharp as it should have been. But the composition was excellant!

Never had much success with anthuriums. Seem to do well for me for a little while but eventually slide into oblivion.

Sue Swift said...

I like the pink ones especially.

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

I like the pink one too! They are kinda phallic looking, he he!

sheila said...

Have you done a post on anthuriums yet? I'm still mad at mine for infesting my grow room with thrips - watch out for those. And why do they get those funky brown spots? Fungus? Overwatering? And WHY WHY WHY do the ones by the indoor pool where the humidity is about 115% always succumb to spider mites within a few months?

I'm very annoyed with these plants. But they are pretty.