Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Work-related: Anthurium "Dutch Series"

Imagine what it's like to open a box and find this inside. I want these so bad. The money is not so much the issue (I've rationalized bigger plant purchases before.), but the space. I don't have anywhere to put something like this. Maybe if I got rid of a bunch of my current plants, but that's problematic too, as you can imagine.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted.

And this isn't even a very good picture, you should know. The pink one (barely visible in the top left corner of the box) is amazing in person. There will have to be better pictures, larger pictures, in the future.

(The names: 'Dakota' is red, 'Florida' is orange, 'Pandola' is pink. They were all sold to us under the collective name "Dutch Series." I don't know where they came from specifically, but care is as for Anthurium andraeanum, q.v. I have a division of 'Florida' from a previous shipment, which has re-flowered for me, though the new flowers at home are much smaller.)


Anonymous said...

Ouch, what a terrible job! To have to open boxes of nifty plants and not to be able to take them all home. My fingers (and wallet) would itch. I don't even like Anthuriums and I'd like to see one of these. (Not see, have.)

At least they have names. I am sick unto death of hello I am your angel plants. Names, puleez, names. Growers, shippers, names names names, I implore you.

Hope the cold is passing.

Darla said...

What a pretty box of plants.

Anonymous said...

They are so colorful!

Snazzy_Sara said...

I would love to buy an anthurium just like these, but stores in my area price them at 10.00 for a 6" pot, which seems like too much to me! Maybe I will break down and buy one in the near future... So weak!

mr_subjunctive said...


Yes, the cold is passing, though I'm still stuffed up, and I have this amazing booming dry cough still. Also I want to sleep all the time, but that's normal for the couple weeks immediately after we switch to Daylight Savings Time.

Even when the growers include the names, they're not that useful: I've seen aralias with false aralia tags and false aralias with aralia tags before at Lowe's, on the Exotic Angel plants. I think it was even the same location. So you might want to specify (as long as you're wishing) correct names.


I suppose it's a matter of perspective; $10 for a 6" plant would be cheap for us. Maybe about normal for the big box stores in the area. The guys in the picture are $45 (Temporarily. It's going to go up shortly. Don't ask.) for an 8" pot, but the Dutch Series plants are considerably bigger and awesomer than any other Anthurium flowers I've ever seen, and not any more difficult, so they'd still be totally worth it if I just had a place for them.

lancetx said...

They look cool. Last year our Home Depot had some in white that I was so tempted by, because their spathes were so huge - about 6 inches across. They were so impressive. However the store in question has no clue how to care for plants, so they all were quite ill looking and still full price.

I agree with the issue of angel plants - it's very irritating.

Snazzy_Sara said...

If the 6" potted anthuriums that are sold in my area were decently sized with 10-15 leaves that are at least 12" long, not just 4 or 5 7" leaves with no spathe, I would pay 15 dollars for them (maybe)! I did see a really nice sized anthurium that had 50-100 long leaves with 3-4 red spathes for about 40.00, which actually sounds like a deal now that I think about it.

Blueszz said...

Realizing I'm commenting on an old post :-) but after "Dutch series" I had to check
In fact, when you go to you'll find a list of Anthurium hybrids and when you type in the variety names, you'll find them here. Anthura specializes in developing hybrids from Anthurium and Phalaenopsis plants. I don't think they grow them into adult plants but sell young plant material to nursery's.

mr_subjunctive said...


Oy. Now I want, like, all of them. Not that I didn't before I saw the page, I just wasn't as aware of it. Tricolore (white with red streaks), Casparo (red with green ears), Baleno (long thin white turning to pink or pink turning to white), Manaka (white/green), Marasol (pale yellow), Otazu ("brown," which is really more of a very dark red), Sumi (white) and Tennessee (salmon) in particular.

It's a shame that the genus doesn't lend itself more to experimentation from amateurs; it seems like it would be really fun to cross Anthuriums as a hobby.

Blueszz said...

They have some very nice variety's indeed. Despite their collection on the website I hardly see them here in the local shops (I'm Dutch). Anthurium isn't popular enough here I guess, their Phalaenopsis' however can be found in every window sill, on every corner...