Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pretty picture: Pulsatilla vulgaris

Like yesterday, another picture of a perennial I'm not incredibly familiar with. The picture is much more impressive (or at least much more, you know, big) if opened in a new window. You can practically count the pollen grains.

Though please don't. You have better, more interesting things to do than pollen-counting.

PATSP may be a little light on text and long on perennial photos this week, because I'm working feverishly to try to get the plant-toxicity posts presentable. My goal is to make April 12-18 "Houseplant Toxicity Week." If I can't get it all together by April 12, then we may have to make it April 19-25 instead, which is probably more appropriate anyway. I feel a little weird about starting Houseplant Toxicity Week on Easter. I also want to get this done, though, finally, so if I can do it on Easter, then I will.


anchie said...

Pretty picture. Pretty flower. Not so pretty name.

our friend Ben said...

Ha!!! I think tax week is the perfect time to post on toxic topics, plant-related or otherwise. Way to go!

Darla said...

That will be an interesting post for sure!

Julie said...

I've always enjoyed counting pollen grains!!! LOL!