Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pretty pictures: Aquilegia 'Origami Mix' (pink)

When I see Aquilegia at different times, I get completely different impressions of it and can't quite explain why. By different impressions, I mean that sometimes it strikes me as a showy, loud, look-at-meeeeeeeee kind of plant, and at other times it's more of a never mind me, I'll be fine over here by myself without your attention, I'm just trying to blend sort of plant.

Either way, I think they're neat.

I don't have any idea what they're like to try to grow here. It's not something my mom or grandmothers, as far as I can remember, have ever tried. Maybe someday I'll attempt it though. They seem like they'd be cool. The kind of plant you wouldn't have to get all dressed up for, like you could just hang out just watching TV together or something. I don't know.


our friend Ben said...

I love 'em, too, Mr.S.! They self-sow here so I always have some. And the hummingbirds like them, too!

Karen715 said...

They love it here in northeastern Illinois, and I don't think our climate is very different from the Iowa City area. They aren't showstoppers, but they are pretty. Like Ben says, they do self-sow, but not too aggressively. That is, they don't take over the place, and if a few end up where you don't want them, the seedlings are easily recognizable and easily removed.