Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pretty pictures: Dianthus cvv.

Very little time to write, and not a whole lot of comments spring to mind on these anyway. They're in full bloom, though. Although I've seen more than once the "clove-like" fragrance referred to, and although I've smelled the fragrance, I'm not sure where the "clove-like" comes from. They don't smell like cloves to me.


Anonymous said...

I have these flowers called "clove pinks" that I am growing from seed. According to stock photos they look like mini florists carnations. I've had a very hard time distinguishing Sweet William and Dianthus Chinensis from each other. I think the true clove pink is Dianthus caryophyllus, Dave's garden users noted the clove smell is most prevalent in red flowers. I'll let you know if they smell, or what they smell like.

Anonymous said...

Not all Dianthus smell the same. Even different cultivars of the same species or grex can differ markedly in their fragrance. Yours look like D barbatus or D. chinensis. D. gratianopolitanus and D. plumarius and their hybrids tend to have the classic clove fragrance. D. "Bath's Pink" is one of the best performers, relatively heat tolerant and with great fragrance, though (alas) no rebloom.