Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random plant event: Anthurium andraeanum double spadix

Apologies to those five or so readers to whom I owe e-mails. You're on the list, and I'm working on it, but, well, I've mentioned that I'm busy, right?

This particular flower is both a freak and a rescue. I bought it last September from Lowe's, because it looked like it was basically fine except for having been drowned (this being, apparently, the only thing that Lowe's knows to do to a plant). Brought it home, cleaned off the roots as best as I could, repotted it in good new soil, and then watched as about 2/3 of the plant died. But it's come back.

I think it's maybe still a little traumatized, though:

I've seen double spathes before, on Anthurium as well as Spathiphyllum, but I think double spadixes (spadices?) is a first for me.

I give the plant points for at least trying to meet me halfway: it's clearly not quite got it together yet, but hey, it's trying. Maybe the next flower will be normal.

Or maybe it won't. I suppose it would be cool if I had a plant that always produced a double spadix.

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Anonymous said...

Fit for wedding cake ornament. ;) (Congratulations)