Monday, May 18, 2009

Random plant event: Dendrobium bulblet

Not terribly exciting, but it's something. My attention has been focused elsewhere lately, but the houseplants continue to try to do stuff. Who knows what I've been missing in this last month or two. This is, I think, the "Humphrey Bogart" Dendrobium, which has yet to flower for me but seems to be growing just fine.

It is, of course, only a bulblet, but at least it's letting me know it's still growing: the main part of the plant hasn't done anything noticeable in several months.

Also, not that anybody's asked, but -- the reason why I haven't been posting orchid pictures as much as I used to is mostly because we haven't been getting that many orchids in. The last round was at the beginning of March, and they were all Phalaenopsis, which personally I'm kind of sick of Phalaenopsis even if you aren't, and the only other ones we've been able to get lately are the Paphiopedilums, which I did take a picture of a while ago. We do have one NOID orchid blooming now that's a little out of the ordinary: I'll get a picture if I remember to and have time at work.


telipogon said...

That's no bulblet, thats the start of this year's growth. It will re-bloom from the top of this.

mr_subjunctive said...

So what happens to the growth that was there already? It's not acting like it intends to grow any bigger.

telipogon said...

It won't. On the whole, Phalaenopsis type dendrobiums (bigibbum hybrids) flower once from the top of the newest can upon its maturation, older canes then serve to support new growth. Occasionally they will re-flower but very rarely in my experience.