Monday, June 15, 2009

Iowa City Graffiti: Misbehave

About a month before we moved, at least two of these (in the same handwriting) showed up in our general area of town. I assume there were probably more than that, but I only saw the two. I don't know if college students really need to be encouraged to do dumb shit, but whatever.

The pink and blue streaks running down the side of the building were pre-existing, and look to have been done with paint-filled balloons. I think the little three-balloons icon is probably drug-related, and probably a late addition to the composition, though of course it's hard to know for sure.

Have not yet determined whether Lone Tree has graffiti or not. I mean, it seems like they'd have to, somewhere, but it's hard to imagine where. We only have just so many buildings in town, and it's not like the teenagers here seem significantly more discontented than teenagers anywhere else. I'm sure if there is some, I'll find it sooner or later.


arythrina said...

At least the word was spelled correctly! :)

mr_subjunctive said...


Never let it be said that a liberal arts education has no value.

Anonymous said...

Haha that's awesome! How are the baloons drug related?

mr_subjunctive said...

I'm not positive that they are; I just know that I've seen them all over the place, both in Iowa City and out, and it seems more likely that they're a drug-related tag than just somebody who likes balloons.