Tuesday, June 16, 2009

[Exceptionally] Pretty pictures: transmitted light -- Part XIV

I am beginning to experience actual anxiety about whether or not I can maintain all of the plants while we're trying to get everything set up in the house. I don't actually have a good way to water set up just yet, so if they're dry, I have to take them to the kitchen sink (low-capacity, slow, but easy and relatively clean) or outside to the garden hose (high-capacity, fast, but awkward and messy). The plan is to get a shower in the plant room at some point, eventually, but until then, I don't like any of my options.

This is, of course, intensified by the fact that the in-laws will be here in a couple weeks, give or take, which tends to make the husband slightly nuts, and by the fact that last I knew, we were planning to get married at some point while the in-laws were here. Which would be good and all, the being married, but I would kind of rather not do it while the husband is slightly nuts and when I don't know where my clothes are. Which I don't. Know where my clothes are.

Also we've never had to put them up before, when they've visited, because we didn't have spare rooms in the apartment. We still don't really have spare rooms (in a way -- it's a three-bedroom house, but all three are already spoken for to the extent that we couldn't put a bed in), but there's been talking of having them stay here anyway. Now, the husband is not a morning person, and neither am I (more of one than he is, though), so the idea of them roaming around in the morning bumping into the plants and rummaging through the breakfast cereals before either of us are in a state capable of directing their behavior is mildly terrifying. It's still all up in the air.

Anyway. So there's all this pressure to have everything in place by the end of the month, and it's all going very slowly. Also, despite having much more time to work on the blog, the house, the plants, etc., I somehow seem to be getting less done than ever. I blame the internet.

In any case. Transmitted light photos.

(The previous transmitted light posts can be found here.)

Epiphyllum NOID. Not really any veins visible, or at least not very many, but that's okay, since these aren't really leaves anyway. (They're stems. They're just big, flat, leaf-like stems.)

Raphanus sativus 'Plum Purple.' It had never occurred to me to wonder what radish leaves even looked like, before WCW started some from seed at work. They're larger than I would have expected.

Convallaria majalis cv. We happen to have a healthy-looking clump of these in the backyard, left over from the previous owners. I kinda like them. The leaves are kinda cool, too, in an understated kinda way.

Solenostemon scutellarioides 'Electric Lime.' One of the more boring coleus varieties, though the picture is dull less because it's an intrinsically boring cultivar and more because the picture just sucks.

Brassica oleracea 'Copenhagen Market.' I find cabbage completely incomprehensible. Some people feel that way about lentils.1

Phlebodium aureum 'Blue Hare.' Trippy.

Dracaena 'Indonesian Tracker.' This is one of the plants I got last year from Asiatica Nursery, and although it's been prone to dropping leaves every time I water (which I'm sure means something, but I don't know what it's trying to tell me), it's been doing pretty well overall.

Solenostemon scutellarioides 'Fishnet Stockings.' Fun, right? The variety seems to be remarkably inconsistent about whether it wants to be chartreuse with dark purple veins; some of the plants I've seen were more just chartreuse with an irregular dark purple spot near the petiole, or chartreuse with a purple ring around the outside of the leaf. But when it works, like in the above picture, it can be pretty awesome.

Heuchera cv. 'Georgia Peach.' Not my best photo, but it was basically impossible to keep reflected light out. This is kind of an ongoing problem with Heuchera cvv. in particular.

Petunia grandiflora 'Sugar Daddy,' petal (-s?). (Do Petunias have just one big petal, or several small but fused petals? How does that work?) I thought these were pretty damn amazing flowers, though I don't think they sold especially well. People don't seem to be looking for innovation in their Petunia flowers so much. Pretty awesome venation, in any case.


1 This is a quote from "Dollhouse," just so you know. Adelle says "Oh my god -- I find lentils completely incomprehensible" in episode seven of the first season. It's funny in its own right, but it's funnier if you know the character.

I truly do, though, have trouble with cabbage, conceptually, both with the eating and with the growing.


Anonymous said...

I like to take a closer, contemplative look until I'm totally immersed in the garden.

Kenneth Moore said...

Some wonderfully [exceptionally] pretty pictures in this insallation!

And I totally get lentils: They are the foodstuffs of gods.

But they won't grow very well for me.

Cabbage, on the other hand... What *do* you do with it? Kale, pak choi, radicchio, nasturtium, beet greens--I have figured all of these out, but not cabbage. It doesn't grow especially well for me, either.

our friend Ben said...

Gack!!! Send them (in-laws) to a B&B or hotel! Anything!!! SHRIEK!!! We dealt with this issue by making one of our so-called three bedrooms the home office, one the cat-free room (for the "good" furniture and collectibles) and one our own bedroom. We have a sofabed in the livingroom which can be trampled by cats, dog, and us (en route to the bathroom), and invite potential overnighters to stay there. For some reason, many opt for a nearby motel instead!

forest said...

You inspired me to do a post like yours, then it got out of hand.


Andrew said...

If you can find it check out Heuchera 'Green Spice' - of all the (many) I've grown it is the most vigorous grower, largest plant and most unique looking leaf of any I've tried.

Other top heucheras in my books are:
'Caramel' (grows well but not my favourite colour)
'Peach Flambe' (the ones that survived have amazing colour on them this spring, probably similar to 'Georgia Peach' but I haven't grown that variety)
'Pinot Gris'
'Snow Angel' (nice leaves and worth growing for the flowers!)

'Lime Ricky' (#1 plant most likely to give Heucheras a bad rep as tender plants)
'Cherries Jubiliee' (really nice flowers... but mine's been struggling to survive for 5 years and I haven't seen any flowers in that time)
'Palace Purple' (nice variety but mine are all being eaten by some sort of caterpillar while nothing else is being touched.)
'Marmalade' (just didn't live... similar enough to 'Caramel' which does well I wouldn't try this one again)

(After writing that list I'm feeling like starting a zone 5 perennial based gardening blog... if I can ever think of a name for one)

Anyway... nice transmitted light post as usual, that petunia is nice (for a petunia) and great Geranium picture in the newer post as well.

Andrew said...

Andrew again. I've got a blog now which I didn't have when I commented a few hours back.

Diane said...

The petunia, true to its Solanaceae identity, has five petals; they're fused, or connate, just as are the Nicotianas in an earlier post.

Dollhouse is great and I'm glad it'll be back next season!