Friday, September 18, 2009

Pretty picture: Hoya kentiana flower

Another picture from ex-work, which unfortunately didn't turn out all that well. I went back about a week later to try to get a better shot, but of course by then it had sold, so this is as good as I can do.

I couldn't smell anything from the flower, but that's not surprising, as it was the middle of the afternoon when I was there, and the greenhouse can sometimes be kind of a complicated smell environment to begin with.

I have a Hoya kentiana at home (I bought it from Lowe's, having given up on ever getting one through work, and then within a couple weeks they were on the availability list from work.), and it's a nice enough plant, though it would be nice to have a better spot for it: I suspect it's probably not getting as much light as it would like and is consequently unlikely to flower for me anytime soon. Perhaps someday. I need more windows.


our friend Ben said...


Anonymous said...

I've never gotten a Hoya to bloom for me - like you, I think it's a shortage of light in the winter. I'm trying again with Hoya linearis, having given it a lovely summer holiday outside. Linearis at least amuses me with its "hula skirt" foliage. Hope yours blooms at home for you so that you can assess the fragrance (a little too-muchish I think).

lynn'sgarden said...

Have to get me a Hoya..been seeing quite a few on blogs lately. This one is unique in color. Your photo looks pretty good to me ;)

Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

For many years I have had a hoya bella plant and it is very easy to bloom. You just need some sun like in the morning for awhile and some humidity in the air and you can't stop it. I also like it because it has small leaves and doesn't not require a lot of precious space to grow in. It does just fine in a small 4" pot!