Friday, December 4, 2009

Random plant event: Spathiphyllum 'Golden Glow?' sprouting

I've had this plant for about two and a half years, since February 2007, and in that time, its stems have gotten longer, but the base of the plant never really filled in or anything. So as it's aged, it's also gotten less and less full-looking. This is the first sign I've gotten that maybe this isn't going to stay that way indefinitely:

The plants you buy in stores, that are full to the point of bursting with sprouts, have very likely been treated with a chemical called benzyladenine to induce offsetting (just as they are treated with gibberellic acid to induce blooming). Bushier, fuller plants sell better. I'd gotten to the point where I had given up on seeing my own plants sucker at all, not having any benzyladenine to spray them with, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Of course, the existence of sprouts doesn't mean they're necessarily going to develop and grow, much as I might like them to. But this is still more progress than I've seen on any of the three other Spathiphyllums in the house, so I'm hopeful.

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Aaerelon said...

Congrats! Hopefully they grow well.