Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday morning Nina picture

I make no promises, but the Nina pictures may show an improvement in quality now that I've cleaned the sides of her terrarium. This one, for example, turned out pretty well, except for the fact that it looks too dark here. (It didn't look this dark before I uploaded it. It may be easier to appreciate if opened in its own window.)

I don't know how long I expect this improvement to last, since I, or she, will dirty the walls up again sooner or later, but even so, I feel pleased with myself for having gotten the walls clean momentarily. Maybe I should be taking a couple months' worth of pictures now just in case.


Anonymous said...

I always wondered if you actually took the picture respectively of the moment and date of the post, of if you browsed and picked one out of a couple that were taken all at once on a certain day.

Is she getting used to you photographing her? My anoles, all of them except one, flee with intense fear from the camera the moment they can barely see it, while I have not found any other object to evoke that same reaction. They are otherwise super tolerant and do not fear me touching them. (A pale, squarish thingy with a big round contrasting black eye in the middle probably is very excitatory to their retina receptor field cells, evolved to avoid predators.. That's my guess, but anyway)

I am caring for a baby brown anole that hatched a few months ago, and their golden complex patterns are definitely worth the view (and care and trouble). I hope it'll become as pretty as Nina.

CelticRose said...

Great picture. :-)

I like how she looks against those leaves.

mr_subjunctive said...


It's about half pictures taken the week of the post, and half pictures that were banging around in the archives. More of the latter recently, because the dirty-glass issues made getting new pictures more difficult.

She's never been particularly camera-shy; if I don't make any sudden movements with it, she'll let the camera get fairly close, though it's usually still easier to take a picture from far away and crop it down than it is to approach her to take a close-up picture.

I'd use the zoom, but my camera has developed a weird affectation where if I try to take a photo using the zoom, it interprets this as me pressing the button to shut the camera off. (Still, for a $30 camera. . . .)

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Love it! Great shot.

our friend Ben said...

I think this is the best Nina photo yet, Mr. S.! She looks so triumphant, the Conqueror of the Leaves...