Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random plant event: Nematanthus NOID flowers

Okay, I don't renounce the Gesneriaceae and all its works.

Though the Streptocarpus have broken my heart, the Saintpaulias force all manner of indignities upon me, the Aeschynanthus turns a deaf ear to my pleading, and the Episcia fill me with mortal terror, at least the Nematanthuses appreciate me.

The plant in question was repotted recently, and has been dropping leaves all over the place ever since. Of course, it was dropping some leaves before, too. (Why did I repot, this time of year? I was having trouble keeping it watered, and figured that whatever trauma was caused by the repot would be less than the trauma of drought stress every two weeks.) I hadn't noticed any buds or blooms until I went over to it yesterday to sweep up the dropped leaves, and then I found two. Which is not a spectacular show, but perhaps it's only warming up. The solid-orange Nematanthus (previously pictured) has six blooms in progress on a single plant, four of which are big enough to see. Which actually is sort of a show, or will be soon.


Happy Hermit ( said...

How very fulfilling. *sighs* Mine died with the plant room fiasco. Surprisingly it wasn't the cold , but being to close to the updraft from the heater . :(

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, nematanthus. Best of luck keeping the relationship alive. The same plant pictured (for which I also have no id) drops leaves at the drop of a hat and is now quarantined for the winter in an overlarge ziploc.

Kenneth Moore said...

I with my Nematanthus brasiliensis was doing anything other than not dying. But Episcia should ne'er fill thee with such dread!

Although I'm starting to understand the Streptocarpus bit... Gah!

Autumn Belle said...

This nematanthus reminds me of shy Cinderella. I like this shade of pale orange colour. Wait a while before Fairy Godmother comes and drop some magic dust. Before you know it, Cinderella is all dressed up and fit to go to the ball.

Mr Subjunctive, my post today is dedicated to you. It is about the cardinal creeper, Ipomoea Horsfalliae.

Rose said...

Wow...the picture of Nematanthus NOID flowers looks awesome. I am not at all familiar with this plant, but it sounds like one I would like to get to know better.

James David said...

I had hard times with Episcia but eventually found that once they thrive - nothing can stop them.