Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Technical Difficulties

We've had connectivity issues occasionally in the last few weeks, and my computer was also running really slowly yesterday afternoon and evening, plus I was sort of caught up in internet drama elsewhere for most of the day, so I just didn't get it together to do a post. I would have had time if the computer had been behaving normally.

It is not yet known whether this indicates that something is wrong with the computer or not; this sort of thing has happened before, though the degree and duration are sort of new.


CelticRose said...

No biggie. Even when you miss a day you still post way more often than most bloggers do.

Hope the computer troubles and drama clear up.

Liza said...

Oooh, what Internet drama? Are you fighting on forums again?

mr_subjunctive said...


Not a lot, no. Fred Clark moved his blog Slacktivist, which I love, to a different host, which has unsavory associations, and people are flipping the hell out about it. Much drama, much I'LL NEVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN and THIS SITE IS HOSTILE TO PEOPLE WITH MY BELIEFS and YOU SHOULD GET OVER YOURSELF 'CAUSE IT'S NOT YOUR BLOG and THIS IS TOTALLY WORSE THAN HITLER and so on and so forth. It'd be impossible to describe accurately in a short comment, and I really don't want to write a long comment about it.

I am, for some reason, constitutionally incapable of ignoring internet drama, and internet communities that reach a certain size inevitably wind up having drama (often, I'm noticing, beginning when the blogger needs money and does something people disapprove of in order to get it, which is where a lot of my hang-wringing was coming from last Nov/Dec w/r/t the Google Ads), so this is something I go through every couple years or so.

Steve Asbell said...

Good luck! Be sure to tell me where all of that juicy internet drama's at too.

Unknown said...

Your blog is great. Keep it going. Your plant info is awesome. Thanks!