Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pretty picture: Odontocidium Tiger Crow 'Golden Girl'

This whole week's posts, with the possible exceptions of Friday's and Saturday's, are all being written last Saturday, on 23 July, because I am hopeful that if I have a whole week to work on it without being sidelined by other blog posts, I might actually get the Ficus elastica post done by Friday. (UPDATE: I didn't. But it's up now.) (I still haven't figured out how to juggle the blog, profile-writing, and watering in a satisfactory manner.) I promise nothing, but that is my hope.

Meanwhile, are these not the most sickeningly cheerful orchid flowers you've ever seen?

I don't mean to disparage. I could use something sickeningly cheerful about now -- the heat wave for most of last week, the whole shooting/bombing thing in Norway on Friday, Amy Winehouse's death Sunday, plus whatever fresh new nightmares have happened in the world between Saturday and today. Feels like a good moment to go play with Sheba.


Long Haired Lady Rider said...

You know you could take a week off from the blog and we would still love you.

But it sounds like maybe some selective 'pruning' of the plants may be in order at your casa.

I always tell people I have about 200 plants. I counted recently and I had 325 or so -- yeesh. No wonder I'm not doing anything else that I enjoy!

I'm giving some away -- anybody (besides Mr. Subjunctive!) want some? ;-)

Anyways, I hope you are getting a bit of a break this week. Like maybe the profile is already finished and you get to play for a few days...

mr_subjunctive said...

Long Haired Lady Rider:

Well, I am down to 970 plants now, from a peak in February of 1091, through sales, asymmetrical trades, and normal attrition; I haven't bought anything new in six weeks. I should probably be working harder on selling them, though, all the same. (Craigslist has been useful the one time I've tried it so far, but I've been too busy to do it again.)

A lot of the reason I've been busier than usual is that we had a really nice run of days from 13-15 Jul, and I took plants outside to get photos of them, because it had been a while since I'd gotten progress photos, so I've been sorting through those for the last two weeks.

And no, the profile isn't done. In fact, I haven't even been able to work on it yet this week.

Anonymous said...

I heard the bomb blast from my balcony thinking it was thunder, later (shocked, watching the news) I saw the amulance helicopters with wounded youth fly over me.

For some reason I do not find the Odontocidium very cheerful. Having just returned to being able to read or look at other things after many horrible days, I reflect that sunflowers are the most cheerful and hopeful of flowers, especially seen amongst the seas of roses lately.

I wish that it was possible to buy large potted ones for those of us who forgot to sow any in spring.

Elin, Oslo