Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Get Busy Gardening! is having a houseplant giveaway in two weeks; details for how to enter are here. Only those in the continental U.S. are eligible to enter, alas.

You don't get to choose what plants you'll receive, and she doesn't say specifically what she's choosing among, even. The pictures she posts with the announcement suggest that it'll be an assortment of fairly easy-to-grow, passalong-type plants. So readers who have large collections already will probably want to skip the contest, but those just beginning to get into houseplants might find this a convenient way to get lots of stuff all at once. Tell her Mr. Subjunctive sent you.

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Amy Andrychowicz said...

Hi Mr. Subjunctive,
Thanks for posting about my contest, I really appreciate it!! I haven't decided on what plants I'll include in the winner's box yet. I went back and forth trying to decide if I should list specific plants or not. I like your comment about the pictures I included. I actually chose to include pictures with several plants in them on purpose to give everyone an idea of some of the plants I have. I'm waiting to see who wins, then I'm hoping I'll be able to give them something they want in addition to some fun surprises. (I like surprises)

I'm impressed that you have over 900 plants in your collection!! I haven't counted mine in a long time. I know my count is well into the hundreds. It's funny how people think I'm crazy and when they walk into my house they say "wow, you sure have a lot of plants". Your house must be packed!