Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I can die happy.

I've been linked to by! (For the Hothouse Flower review.) I'm so proud!

Also the main TV Tropes page for Hothouse Flower lines up pretty well with my review, too. Most of that's just that there are serious problems with the work which should jump out at anybody who reads it, but my review does make specific references to the terms or ideas behind:

And I actually linked to Fridge Logic within the review.

So very happy.

(WARNING: Clicking links to TV Tropes is a widely-recognized means of losing entire afternoons. Don't do it if you're hoping to accomplish anything today.)


Pat said...

Congratulations "Caustic Critic"!

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wish I had had less of an emotional, repulsed reaction and more calculated response to that book.

I sometimes wish I had never heard of it in the first place.

But my beau and I still talk about how animated I was while describing why I hated it so--it's kind of become a thing with us. So, at least two good things came out of it!

CelticRose said...


Ivynettle said...


(I had my own "can die happy" moment this year when my "physalis/syphilis" story got posted on Not Always Right.)