Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random plant event: Columnea orientandina fruit

The Columnea orientandina I mentioned last May hasn't been growing terribly fast, but it hasn't been giving me any reason to worry about it, either, so I haven't been thinking about it much. It's on a flat with several other plants in 3" pots, and they all get dry at more or less the same rate, so normally I just put the whole tray in the tub, spray it down, add a little fertilizer, and move on to the next plants. For some reason this week, I took all the plants out of the tray before watering and looked at them up close, just to see if anything was going on, and I saw a fruit:

I'm very interested in this, naturally. I've tried a lot more seeds than have ever worked (the Schlumbergera seeds haven't done anything yet, for example, after a month -- though the Anthuriums are all over), so I'm not going to plan on a swarm of baby Columneas, but it'd be pretty cool if it were to work out. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Long Haired Lady Rider said...

Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you that it also gets loads of beautiful berries

My bad. Forgive me?

Anonymous said...

If you don't want all the seeds, you know where to send 'em. ;) I'm more than happy to have too many!