Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pretty picture: Brassolaeliocattleya Morning Glory H & R

This doesn't really fit my mental image of Brassolaeliocattleyas, but that's what the tag said. Even though the tags are frequently wrong to one degree or another, that's all I have to go on, so here it is.

I'm not sure if I like these flowers or not, but the flowers aren't exactly the point today, because today is mostly about celebrating Bom's upcoming 1-year blogiversary1 with him. It's a bit self-interested of me (there's a prize giveaway involved, which I am entering by posting this) but hey, maintaining a blog for a year is a big deal, and there are also several birthdays involved, so it's also a general celebratory thing. Which, frankly, I think we could all use, times being what they are. Click the image below for his post on the subject.


1 I checked Google to see what spelling everybody's going with these days, and the most popular vowel for "blog[]versary" was O: blogoversary had about 4,000,000 hits. Not sure why that would be, since the word is clearly coined by analogy with "anniversary." I am, therefore, making a stand here for the letter "I." The full results:

blogOversary 4,000,000
blogIversary 1,200,000
blogAversary 428,000
blogversary 133,000
blogYversary 4590
blogEversary 1140
blogUversary 39

The biggest surprise for me is that more people use Y than E (I expected Y to come in last).


nycguy said...

This is definitely BLC Morning Glory.

It's a hybrid made with Brassavola nodosa, which looks very different from the Brassavola (now renamed Rhyncholaelia) digbyana used to make the Brassos you are familiar with.

Paul said...

As Nyc said, the name is indeed correct. If you Google Brassavoloa nodosa, you will see how similiar in shape it is to this hybrid. Just one of those genetics things ... the form/shape of B. nodosa tends to be very dominant in its crosses.

Bom said...

I was not sure if there is a word for it that's why I just used blog birthday. It simplifies things a bit. Thanks for participating. This means a lot to me as a blogger. As for the BLC Morning Glory, I will take the experts' word on its ID.

lynn'sgarden said...

OOH! A new one to my eyes. Morning Glory 'cuz it closes up at night?

Good luck on the winning entry and I vote for the "I" as well. ;D

Ginny Burton said...

Off topic, but I love the new background color -- periwinkle, how appropriate!

r said...

as far as i know 'Morning Glory' is a primary hybrid of Brassavola nodosa x Laelia purpurata.. thus a Brassolaelia.
since most of the Lealias have recently been reclassified as Cattleya.. thus today effectively a Brassocattleya.

mr_subjunctive said...


[muffled scream]

Pat said...

Wouldn't "first postday" be the simplest and most accurate?

Andrea said...

Wow that's a lovely specimen. I just was able to visit here now when Bom's winners are up! Congratulations. And thanks for the information on your search for that term!

Patty said...

Lovely photo of 'Morning Glory'. Congratulations on the win.