Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rumble Among the Jungle, Match 6.1

Results for match 5.2:

Phalaenopsis cvv. did give Schlumbergera cvv. a fight, but they couldn't quite get the votes needed to defeat them. (One wonders whether the results would have been different were we not in the middle of Schlumbergera-blooming season.) The final vote was 74 to 62.

Schlumbergera has to turn around and do battle again right away, this time against Saintpaulia cvv. If Schlumbergera loses, I guess they can use the excuse that it was tired from battling Phalaenopsis, and would have won if it'd just had a chance to rest.

Have at it. Choose carefully.

Match 6.1
Saintpaulia cvv. (African violet) vs. Schlumbergera cvv. (holiday/Thanksgiving/Christmas cactus)

Saintpaulia cvv.
Top row, L-R: NOID, assorted NOIDs, NOID.
Middle row, L-R: NOID, NOID, NOID.
Bottom row, L-R: 'Harmony's Red Star,' 'Mellow Magic' close-up, NOID.

Center and top left: Schlumbergera 'Caribbean Dancer;' others are NOID.


houseplant guru said...

I am so torn between 2 of my favorite plants. The fact that African violets bloom all the time helped me make up my mind. I do love holiday cactus, though. Very hard decision.

El Gaucho said...

I feel like the Schlumbergera has a huge home field advantage with the Thanksgiving/Christmas season approaching.

Paul said...

Interesting point about this being the blooming season for Schlums. That excited anticipation can be influential.

Tom said...

This is putting me on the verge of tears. I CAN'T HANDLE THIS KIND OF PRESSURE

Andrew Ablenas said...

This is a really hard one. Both are classic house plants. African violets do display more variation though...

Michael said...

Even though the Schlumbergera made a liar out of me and took out the phals, I still voted for it.