Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pretty picture: Phaius Microburst Octoberfest

I don't like the photo, but it's all I have. I've taken better Phaius pictures before.

I spent a lot of yesterday trying to deal with technical problems. (I couldn't access large sections of the internet -- some of the photos on Tumblr, the Polldaddy site I create the Rumble polls with, most/all Wordpress sites, etc.) In the end, I didn't actually fix anything: I never even figured out what had happened. Just, after about six hours of half the internet being gone, suddenly it was back again.

I'd probably have something funny and/or clever to say if I hadn't burned all my mental energy trying to figure out where the internet went. Sorry.


College Gardener said...

Pretty... I had never seen any Phaius except for the regular Phaius tankervillae.

Anonymous said...

however... I love the picture, because I always love orchids :)

Liza said...

I understand how technical difficulties can drain your energy. They're frustrating!