Friday, November 11, 2011

Pretty picture: Dendrochilum tenellum

Dendrochilum tenellum is native to the Philippines, and grows in the mountains in the cloud forests.

There are some really amazing photos of them on-line, but the above is not one of them. (This one shows an amazing specimen, though.)

There's growing information here and here, and Hortus Botanicus sells them here. (Caveat emptor: I have no connection with HB, have never bought anything from them, and make no claims about their trustworthiness or the quality of their merchandise.) I doubt they're easy. If nothing else, the humidity requirements sound pretty extreme. But then, that's what you'd expect from a cloud forest plant.


Liza said...

I expected that dude to have a pronounced mullet. I don't know why, but I was a little disappointed that he didn't.

Pretty plant!

Ivynettle said...

I remember seeing those at the botanical garden a couple of years ago - I got into an argument with another apprentice who insisted it was a grass. When there was a tag right in front of us.

Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

I think I'll pass on this one! The desert would seem to be a pretty inhospitable environment for a plant of the mountains in the cloud forests of the Philippines!

Helen Horvath said...

I bought one of these in person at Hortus Botanicus a couple months ago. The owner really loves this plant and has a bunch of small ones nicely mounted. You can't go wrong dealing with HB! Thanks for the pics of what mine will look like someday if I'm lucky.

kevin said...

Dendrochilums are generally pretty easy going as far as Orchids go, at least here in sunny England. They like a summer out of doors in a shady spot and generally have a semi rest over winter, though sometimes they grow. Humidity not an issue for me.