Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rumble Among the Jungle Results

The final scores for match 6.1 are in:

Amazingly, Schlumbergera cvv. beat Saintpaulia cvv. by six votes (65-59) and goes to the final round. I'd thought Saintpaulia had a pretty good shot at winning the tournament (People love their African violets.), though I suppose making it to the second-to-last round is still not too shabby.

In a couple days, we'll have an official winner of match 6.2 (presently: too close to call). The final match will begin on 11 November.


Liza said...

I think you may be right that Schlums had the advantage because of they're blooming now (or soon).

My plan is to begin loving Saintpaulia when I retire and have lots of time to fawn over them.

Anonymous said...

I voted, grudgingly, for the stupid xmas cactus. I hate them. And I love African violets! But you just can't kill a Schlum - they're the Undead of the plant world. In a post-apocalyptic scenario, it's all about survival of the fittest. I am so not looking forward to the End Times. :(


Paul said...

Rather disappointed. I do like Schlums but I think AVs have much more to offer. I suspect that the Schlums are sweeping along because this is their blooming season.

Tom said...

I don't know why I'm so happy about this but I am. I LOVE Christmas cactus but I actually really like violets too (though for some reason this contest made me keep thinking "Stupid violets...better not beat my cactus... grrr"