Monday, May 21, 2012

Random plant event: Hoya bella

The Hoya bella has bloomed again. The last time was two years ago, and I got a much, much better photo out of that one (below) than I did this year (above), but perhaps the important thing is that I tried. (Actually, the important thing is that I had decent light for the older picture, and for the newer one I was trying to make do with fluorescent light in the basement because it was after sunset already.)

As with the 2010 bloom, I could detect a bit of a smell, but it didn't smell like candy, and was pretty faint.

This year's bloom was about a month ahead of 2010's. Lots of things have been confused by the odd weather this spring, though, so maybe that explains it. Or maybe they're just not highly seasonal bloomers. Good timing in any case, because my relationship with the genus Hoya has hit a rough patch lately.


Jeane said...

its beautiful

CelticRose said...

I think the background colors had something to do with the quality of the pictures as well. White on black is going to show up a lot better that white on white.

At any rate, the flowers are beautiful.

spurge said...

So lovely! I just bought a small hoya bella - hope it will bloom like that one day! (Since this is a hoya, I'm expecting that day to be at least 10 years from now... :-)

mr_subjunctive said...


Could be faster than that -- mine was unrooted cuttings when I first got it in October 2008.

Lauren said...

For a hoya that is supposedly touchy, you seem to be doing just fine with it.

Hoyas have their charm. I don't know what it is, but it's there. Even the ones that are grown for their foliage are special.

Dinushika said...

I actually like your new picture. It looks rather ethereal. Beautiful flowers.

James David said...

I had seen a hoya growing wild on a tree. Pity I cannot reach it to get a cutting.
Yours looked neat and tidy.
Thought these are real messy guys.