Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday morning Sheba and/or Nina picture

I realized very late last night that I hadn't written a Sheba/Nina post for today yet. (I'd lost track of what day it was.) So here's a picture of Sheba from November 2010:

And yes, I am extremely fond of dill pickles (right center, under the wastebasket).

The mystery of Sheba's sudden bald spots remains a mystery, because we didn't make it to the vet this week. At least some of this was miscommunication between the husband and me: I thought he was going to make the appointment, and he thought we hadn't decided for sure that we were going to make an appointment, so it didn't happen. The bald spots are mostly filled back in again anyway -- I can still see where they are/were, but mostly that's because I know to look for them. I'm not sure anybody who didn't know there was something to see would see anything. And it's not like Sheba seems particularly bothered by them anyway.

Nevertheless, we've re-discussed the situation, and I think are in agreement now, so perhaps next week she'll see the vet. Her nails need trimmed, if nothing else, and there are other things we're wondering about with her besides.


CelticRose said...

Nice pic. I'm jealous of your non-carpeted floors.

Glad to hear Sheba's bald spots are clearing up.

Julie said...

Beautiful girl!!!

phantom_tiger said...

Lovely dog. I went to a garden centre this evening and was surprised by the number of dogs there shopping with their owners. Bought plants but had severe dog envy.