Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday morning Sheba and/or Nina picture

Most of the pet news belongs to Nina at the moment. Her special UV-making light bulb burnt out about a week ago. It got replaced on Wednesday, but there were a good four or five days there where she was sitting alone in the dark, making passive-aggressive comments about how she was fine, no need to worry about her. So that kind of sucked.1

There's nothing big going on with Sheba, aside from an isolated case of donut theft on Thursday morning. She's normally very good about not eating people-food unless we specifically offer it to her, but this doesn't seem to apply to food on the husband's desk, for reasons neither of us understand.

(The husband was able to locate a replacement donut, and the remainder of the morning passed without incident.)


1 The burn-out was premature, and probably caused by me trying to get more light on the other side of the terrarium. The placement of the hinge in the top of the tank makes it more or less impossible to light both sides of the terrarium at the same time, but putting any strain on the base of the compact fluorescent bulb makes it burn out. So I'd tried to get some light to the plants on the unlit side of the tank, and shortly thereafter the bulb burnt out. Lesson learned, at least for a little while.
Really, we should never have been using a gooseneck desk lamp for the terrarium in the first place, but I wasn't expecting her to live this long (3 1/2 years!), either. Had I known, I maybe would have tried harder to find a more durable lighting system.


Liza said...

Passive aggressive lizards are uncool.

CelticRose said...

I can't believe you've had Nina for 3 1/2 years. It doesn't seem like that long.

"Daffodil Planter" Charlotte Germane said...

Seems like there are more lightbulb jokes somewhere in this situation. Maybe Nina was busy making them up in the dark. Anyway, I have been visiting your earliest posts and laughed out loud many times (someone should come up with an abbreviation for that). What a clever writer you are!