Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pretty picture: Oncidium Space Race 'Coco'

I'm kinda meh about these flowers, but I find the unopened bud in the top left corner kind of interesting.

Space Race is a hybrid of Onc. Sphacetante and Onc. Pupukea Sunset. The former tongue-twisty name is a clumsy mashup of its parents' names, Oncidium sphacelatum and Oncidium Debutante (I would have recommended "Debutatum," if anybody had asked me, but of course nobody ever does.), and I didn't care to track down the ancestry of Debutante, so that is left as an exercise for the reader. Pupukea Sunset is a hybrid of the two species Oncidium fuscatum and Oncidium cheirophorum.

Space Race most strongly resembles O. sphacelatum, which is also yellow with some brown or red-brown spots. I much prefer the looks of O. fuscatum (brown, with a large pink and white labellum) or O. cheirophorum (solid bright yellow), but that's just me.


Paul said...

I'm with you opinion-wise on this one. Not one I would ever pick up -- but then I find Onc. Pupukea Sunset to be rather ugly & uninteresting too. But different folks, different strokes.

Ivynettle said...

"Spacetante" looks quite funny to me - because "Tante" means "aunt" in German. Can't read that name without giggling.

Unknown said...

Is this one of the fragrant oncidiums? I have 'Hawaiian Sunset' and it sends out lovely bursts of scent.

mr_subjunctive said...

Jodi DeLong:

I don't know. I couldn't really discern scents from any of the orchids at the show, because there were so many of them blooming all at once, and then people all over the place besides.