Monday, May 6, 2013

Pretty picture: Epidendrum Fany Lady

I couldn't find any record of an Epidendrum Fany Lady. At first I thought maybe it was a misspelled Funny Lady, but that doesn't appear to exist either. So I don't know anything about this particular orchid except that apparently it's an Epidendrum.

Alas, this is another case where I was a bit too far away to get a good photo.

I've spotted a couple Epidendrums in regular, everyday retail lately -- the ex-job had an orange one last Wednesday, and they'd had a few others earlier this year. Not sure what, if anything, this signifies, but it's interesting to me because this is the first time I remember seeing them outside of orchid shows. When I've mentioned them on the blog previously, readers have told me that they're not inordinately difficult to grow, so maybe this means I'll be encountering them more often.


Tigerdawn said...

Could it be Fancy Lady?

mr_subjunctive said...


Possible, but: Google doesn't know a Fancy Lady either, and The International Orchid Register only knows of Cattlianthe Fancy Lady and Dendrobium Fancy Lady. No Epidendrum.