Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random plant event: Hoya carnosa

I have had at least one Hoya carnosa at all times, for the last seven years. My best guess is that I was averaging about three or four at any moment; the current count is five. In all twenty-five(-ish) of those accumulated Hoya-carnosa-years, not once has any of them ever attempted to bloom. H. lacunosa, sure, all the time. H. bella, quite a bit lately. But never H. carnosa.

Until now.

Which, we'll see if it's sincere about this; you know what happened with the Phalaenopsis.1


1 Yes, I know the Phalaenopsis could still produce some flowers, and that whatever happened to it was probably my fault even if I don't remember it happening. You'll understand if I'm not holding my breath in anticipation, though.


orchideya said...

I followed the links and landed on the hoya post from 2008. Great article.
Hope this plant makes up to you for the mishap with phalaenopsis spike.

Ivynettle said...

Yay Hoya buds! I've never had any problem getting them from buds to flowers, but, yeah, getting them to grow the buds in the first place is... frustrating.