Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pretty picture: Cattleya Purple Cascade

This is the most severe example of my inability to get close to certain orchids at the show. I find these flowers really interesting, and I had hoped that I'd get a usable photo of them from far away, but now that I look at this, I'm not sure that I did. I suppose it serves the purpose okay, but I'm not going to be entering it in any photography competitions or anything.

Although it's tagged as Laeliocattleya, officially, it's a plain Cattleya now.

Cattleya Purple Cascade = Cattleya Interglossa x Cattleya Tokyo Magic

I looked for photos of the parents, but there don't seem to be many of Tokyo Magic by itself. (There is another cross involving Tokyo Magic in this year's orchid show pictures, but it, combined with this one, leaves wide open the question of what Tokyo Magic might look like: this one's white with contrasting purple tips; that one's solid orange.

Interglossa pictures are more common, and Purple Cascade looks a lot more like Interglossa, which is also purple and white, in the same pattern.

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