Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pretty picture: Enanthleya Joseph Romans

I didn't exactly intend to go for two days without posting, but what's happened is that my brother took advantage of a we're-so-sorry-we-screwed-up-everything-associated-with-the-SimCity5-launch-so-terribly offer from game publisher Electronic Arts (EA), wherein they were selling a bundle of five games very cheaply (I want to say $5 but am too lazy to check on this), and then he gave me the redemption code for one of them because he already had it. And the game in question is Sims 3. And it happens that I now have a computer capable of running Sims 3, so . . . well, you see where this is headed.

The good news is, 1) Sims 3 shouldn't affect the actual posting frequency all that much. With the previous computer and Sims 2, the computer wasn't powerful enough to do anything else at the same time as Sims, plus whenever I wanted to play, I had to set aside an hour and a half or so for the game to load first (no, seriously), plus however much time I wanted to spend actually playing. I don't have these problems now, so Sims won't be cutting into my time nearly as badly. Also 2) I've made considerable progress on dealing with the huge number of photos I took in September, so some of the random plant events from August and September that I haven't posted about yet will be coming relatively soon.

The bad news is, part of the reason Sims isn't going to affect the projected posting frequency very much is that the projected posting frequency was already pretty low. This is because it's that time of year when I have to bring plants inside for the winter, and that's an extremely complicated, boring, and time-consuming process. At the 60% complete mark, I've already run out of room, so some fairly extreme things are about to start happening to the plants with scale, and to the larger underperformers.

Meanwhile, there's an orchid. It's not going to set the world on fire with its beauty or anything, but it's okay.

And really, setting the world on fire is an unreasonably high standard to have for orchid beauty, now that I think about it. (When's the last time that even happened?)

The tag said "Cty. Joseph Romans," but after some investigation this turns out to be the equivalent of Enanthleya Joseph Romans, which itself is a hybrid of Cattlianthe Portia with Encyclia phoenicea.


orchideya said...

Nice color on this catt.
I don't bring any plants outside anymore. Too much of "uncontrolled environment" out there. They always ended up with rough looking foliage and moving surprises in pots and on the leaves after summer vacation...

Xerographica said...

There will never be a poem as lovely as an orchid on a tree.

Diane C said...

I keep looking at my houseplants that spend the summer on the screened-in porch and it's almost like they're saying, "Just a little more time out here please"!