Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday morning Sheba picture

I had planned on taking a new Sheba picture to post today, but then it rained all morning yesterday, making that difficult. So instead you get a photo from August 2010, not terribly long after we first got her (in March 2010).

Sheba's been fine as far as I can tell, though her latest thing is dandruff. Terrible, terrible dandruff, from like her rib cage on back to her tail. (Though I doubt it would show up in photos -- it really was the rain that was the problem, I swear.) This has never happened before. She doesn't seem particularly bothered by it, and dandruff is (barely) preferable to bald spots, so we're not freaking out or anything, but still.


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Wonderful photo of Sheba, no matter how long ago it was taken. What a beautiful dog!

MeasuredandSlow said...

We had trouble with dandruff and itching (oh my god the itching...) and our vet recommended fish oil. Works great, and it's stinky so she likes it :P.

Anonymous said...

Your dog is so cute and adorable! I'm so sorry she's itchy. You're pretty resourceful, so you may have already researched it, but in case not, here are two good links on dog dandruff:

I hope this helps.

Jacksonville, FL

Blueszz said...

I just read the comment from MeasuredandSlow. I too was thinking about fish oil, but especially Omega3 (not from flax as dogs have problems using that). A lack of Omega3 can result in allergies, flaky skin, shedding etc. What you have to look for is a high EPA and DHA content (if you want to supplement). Also, some extra zink/selenium could be helpful.
If you feed kibble, that is very rich in omega6! If you feed a raw diet, also meat from animals that didn't graze on grass it's very high in omega6. Besides the soil we use for growing our grains and grass lacks zinc... which could lead to zinc deficiency in our food and in our pets food. Maybe your dog is one of those that shows shortage sooner, maybe she doesn't absorb them as well as others etc.
Might be worth trying?
I have a 25 lbs dog that with severe allergies that gets supplemented with about 490mg EPA daily, helps him a lot! (But I also feed him a raw diet which I use to stay away from the food allergens he responds too).

Good luck with Sheba, she is adorable! She lives with you now for how many years?

Thanks for you blog, still enjoy it after all those years :-)