Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pretty picture: Robiquetia cerina

Second post about this particular species of orchid (the first is here). It's not photographing any better or getting any more interesting, though in this year's picture you can see more of the plant, so I guess that's something.

Also, unless there's been some huge change since Sunday morning, it looks like Stromanthe sanguinea is the next profile subject. (I suspect someone voted repeatedly, because all six plants were very close for the first day and a half of the poll, and then all of a sudden Stromanthe has three times the number of votes the rest of them have? Either someone was cheating, or the post got linked from the International Stromanthe-Lovers' Facebook page. And there's probably not an International Stromanthe-Lovers' Facebook page.)


Liza said...

That Orchid is so odd looking. I'll bet other Orchids totally make fun of it on the playground.

I was rooting for the Beaucarnea profile. I'm mystified by those crazy plants.

the plant fairy said...

Love your blog. I was wondering where you grow your plants. Do you have a greenhouse? Do you grow everything under grow lights?. I live in Cedar Rapids, as much as I would love to have a greenhouse, it seems like it would be too expensive to heat in our zone 5 climate. Any thoughts?

Claude said...

It's definitely interesting. But I'm not sure it's interesting enough to warrant the trouble of growing an orchid.

mr_subjunctive said...


Well, give it time. It'll probably happen eventually.

the plant fairy:

1) I don't have a greenhouse. We do have a room on the west side of the house that has windows on three sides, where I grow a lot of plants, but the windows aren't huge, and the ceiling is just a regular ceiling, not transparent. Most of the rooms of the house have plants in them, though. They're basically everywhere except the bedroom, closets, and bathrooms, mostly on shelves.
2) The plant in the photo is not mine; I saw it at an orchid show in the Quad Cities last March.
3) According to my former employer, yes, it's incredibly expensive to heat a greenhouse during the winter. Not that she ever told me exactly how expensive. On the other hand, that greenhouse was very old, and so were the heaters, so I'd think that a new greenhouse would probably be a lot more energy-efficient.


Agreed. I mean, maybe if it had a really spectacular scent or the flowers lasted a really long time or something. (I don't know whether it has a scent or not; I don't remember detecting one at the time.)