Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pretty picture: Guaricyclia Kyoguchi

The itching came back; last Friday was incredibly bad, though most days have been so light as to have been mostly ignorable, and it only seems to be happening on days when I take showers, so I'm beginning to think that maybe my skin's become allergic to being clean, or something.

The contractors are back too, which is less terrible, but we've discovered a big patch of mold in my office, so that's going to be massively disruptive at some point or another (and has already been at least a little disruptive). Sheba's started biting patches of fur off again (NOOOO SHEBA WHYYY), and I'm still finding scale but at least it increasingly seems to be dead scale.

There are a few random plant events to report. I will attempt to get to those at some point in the next week or two.

Guaricyclia Kyoguchi = Guarianthe aurantiaca x Encyclia incumbens


Nadya W-G said...

Sounds like Mother Nature's biting you on the bum right now. :( It will get better. Believe it or not.

Claude said...

only on days you take showers? That seems strange, maybe its something to do with the soap, also have live in at but it also has a whole bunch of other strange chemicals. Maybe if you looked at a Pure Life or an organic soap?

mr_subjunctive said...


Well, at least mostly only on the days when I take showers. There are occasional brief flare-ups on other days as well, but since seeing the doctor, most of the itching is happening on days when I shower, and the really bad day, Friday, I had soaked in the tub for a while and then showered, so it really does look like bathing is some of the problem. I've been using too many different soaps, and showering at too many different temperatures, to be able to tease out whether it's the soap, the temperature, or something else.

Paul said...

If you have a water softner, then the extra salts may contribute to dry skin.